Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rove Rantings 

What would we do for chuckles without the moon-bat left?

Maybe this scandal is, in fact, part of a larger and even more Machiavellian strategy orchestrated by the evil genius himself, one designed to backfire on the Dems and elevate Rove to the point of bizarre saint, a patriotic hero, in a fantastical but not unthinkable effort get Rove promoted, maybe even (eventually) appointed -- brace yourself, because this could actually happen -- to the Supreme Court. Yes, it's possible.

There is no law against it. And yes, Rove is capable of just such a master plan.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 20, 09:56:00 AM:

Ok, this can not be serious. No one can be this silly about Rove and mean it. The column must be a joke.

Rove as one of the Supremes. Oh please. This guy must just be writting this fringe stuff to get noticed.  

By Blogger RPD, at Wed Jul 20, 11:01:00 AM:

Let's assume that Rove is actually guilty of all the things the left has ascribed to him.

Why do they still even try? If he's that much of a master Machiavelli, do the Dems een have any hope?

Is it really better than admitting they keep shooting themselves in the foot?  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Wed Jul 20, 11:11:00 AM:

I've always rather enjoyed the "Rove as puppetmaster" theories, although they are difficult to reconcile with the "Bush as evil genius" theories.  

By Blogger Counter Trey, at Wed Jul 20, 11:31:00 AM:

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By Blogger Counter Trey, at Wed Jul 20, 11:39:00 AM:

Listen: In certain circles it is well known that a cabal of anonymous Knights Templar had gained possession of secreted documents from the ancient Library at Alexandria (before the fire).

Those documents, written in Sanskrit, and capable of being interpreted only by a certain blind, deaf mute, were translated for the Knights. The translated documents were passed on to Masonic leaders in western Europe and stored in a cellar for centuries. They were recently discovered and this is what they said:

"Rove for Supreme Court Justice"

Now, upon this unveiling, I understand the depth of the roots of the evil Bush cabal.  

By Blogger KJ, at Wed Jul 20, 01:06:00 PM:

Have you ever seen Rove and John Roberts together somewhere? I thought not.

His plan has already taken shape.  

By Blogger Veeshir, at Wed Jul 20, 01:38:00 PM:

I would love to see Bush nominate Rove for the SC. I have no idea what kind of judge he would be, but cleaning up the goo of exploded, lefty heads from all over the northeast and California would be fun.  

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