Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SCOTUS blogging 

Apart from certain obvious statements ("Chuck Schumer is an ass", for example), I have no plans to comment on Roberts, at least until somebody says something that annoys me. Michelle Malkin, though, is live-blogging this evening's coverage, and has loads of links. Go there.

UPDATE (7 a.m. Monday): John Hinderaker considers in some detail whether there is anything in the Roberts nomination that Democrats will be able to sink their teeth in to. He concludes there isn't:
So the left has very little to work with in trying to rouse public opposition to Roberts' nomination. That leaves only one alternative: they will ask lots of questions. This theme has already emerged. They will try to force Roberts to take a loyalty oath to the liberal decisions of which contemporary Democrats are fondest. And, as Chuck Schumer said tonight, they will proceed on the assumption that "the burden is on the nominee to prove he is worthy," not on the Democrats to prove he isn't. So the Dems will try to dream up questions that Roberts can't properly answer, and documents they can request that can't be provided, relating, perhaps to Roberts' service as deputy solicitor general.


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