Monday, July 18, 2005

A New Letter from Prison in Iran 

Akbar Ganji again writes eloquently as his hunger strike weakens his body. I take his letter from the NY Sun.

Please read it. And remember the US is fighting for something other than oil in the Persian Gulf. It's much more important. While Afghanistan was a small part of it, and Iraq far larger, Iran is really the big prize.

What Ganji has opted to do (give his life) is a reflection of his considerable courage, and the equally morally corrupt Iranian regime.


By Blogger Ron Wright, at Tue Jul 19, 12:00:00 AM:


Many thanks for supporting Dr. Zin to get this message out:


Dr. Zin's site is the key portal in the Blogos that Iranians come to get these messages out to the free world.

The American people need to hear these stories. The Iranian people will overthrow the Mad Mullahs of Iran if they know the American people and the free world would support them in their struggle for freedom.

For further see the photos I linked to in this piece over at Roger L. Simon's.

See for yourself what the mullahs are doing in the name of a "religion of peace" to Iranian women e.g. hanging, stoning, and hanging of children for religious violations.

Also women so sentenced are raped so they will not go to heaven.

Where are the feminists groups when you need them. Seems to me this rates higher in priority then complaining about the Augusta golf course not allowing women in.

Have they gone too LL? This is pretty blantant and should be a nonpartisan issue.

This is no enlightened religion in my book - it's utter evil:

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