Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More on Iran 

I just read this editorial in the New York Sun on what seems like an extraordinary dissident, a courageous Iranian figure willing to die for his freedom. Read it all. I never heard of this fellow, but have to say his courage is inspiring. Sadly, I fear his time will run out before his nation is freed.

A sample of his valor:

So when Mr. Ganji publishes a letter addressed to "free peoples everywhere," savvy persons take note. Mr. Ganji has earned the honor of being listened to. He writes that he has lost more than 40 pounds and that his jailors keep him largely in solitary confinement and deny him time to walk outdoors. "Today my broken face is the true face of the system in the Islamic Republic of Iran," Mr. Ganji writes. "I am now the symbol of justice. The justice that, if viewed correctly, puts on display the full extent of the oppression of the rulers of the Islamic Republic."

Where is the mass communication regarding Mr. Ganji?


By Blogger Ron Wright, at Wed Jul 06, 07:37:00 PM:

For up to the minute info direct from sources in Iran that the MSM does not carry e.g. Mr. Ganji, read Dr.Zin's site at:


Also see my comment in the thread just below on Iran.  

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