Sunday, June 05, 2005

Delta Airlines lost my baggage 

I gave them my bag in Newark, and they promised then to arrange for their delegate, the Brazilian airline TAM, to return it to me upon my arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Twelve hours after that appointed hour, still no farookin' bag. TAM has made another pie-crust promise ["easily made, easily broken" - Mary Poppins - ed.] that it will deliver my bag by 9 pm this evening, which is a scant one hour away. If it fails in this apparently simple task, I may be doing without my usual clothes for the rest of the week, since I leave this hotel tomorrow morning at 5:45 a-the f*ck-m, and will touch Sao Paolo, Santiago, Cordoba and Buenos Aires in the next four days. I doubt that Delta's delegate TAM can keep up, which means that I may lining up for some Brazilian business attire tomorrow morning. That will be a new look for me.

As it is, I've been wearing the clothes I have for more than 30 hours straight, which is pushing it according to my fairly low standards. If I have to "go commando" tomorrow, you can rest assured that Delta Airlines will feature prominently in at least one post every day this week. Indeed, I thought about writing a civil letter to the CEO of Delta Airlines, which letter would have asked quite respectfully that he translate it into Portuguese and pass it along to the CEO of TAM, but then I decided it would be more satisfying if this post turned up whenever somebody Googles "Delta Airlines" and "baggage" until the end of time.

Of course, if my bag does in fact materialize in the next hour, all will be forgiven.

UPDATE (9:31 Rio time): My bag arrived! That is excellent news for any number of reasons, including that I do not have to make good on my vow to blog about Delta Airlines every day this week.


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