Sunday, June 05, 2005

Notes from my travels 

I, but not my bags, have made it safely to my first stop, Rio de Janeiro, where I am to spend the afternoon with one of our distributors. So if you hear reports that somebody is walking along the beach in Rio sporting a shirt with long sleeves, navy chinos and dorky shoes, that's me.

As I previously reported, Atlanta airport was packed with soldiers on their way back to Iraq. I took a picture of a big mob of them in one of the departure gates so you could see the looks on their faces -- everything from laughter to solitary pensiveness. Perhaps their expressions are no different than those on the faces of ordinary travelers, but when a soldier smiles or looks distant one is almost compelled to wonder what is going through his or her mind.
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Soldiers shipping out

We landed in Sao Paolo at about 6:30 in the morning, an hour ahead of EDT and ahead of schedule. The flight from Sao Paolo to Rio was equally smooth (apart from the baggage mix-up). Never having been here before, I was fascinated that forest-topped mountains reach over the cloud cover almost the entire distance -- about 400 kilometers -- from Sao Paolo to Rio de Janiero.

Brazilian mountains

And, finally, the traditional photo from my hotel room, which has a very nice balcony more or less overlooking the beach...

Room with a view

I have shaved and brushed with the freebie kits supplied by the hotel (razor of such dullness as to be of obviously local manufacture, and ditto for the brush, the bristles of which came off in my mouth), and now I am due for a day seeing the sights. Dare I say, more later?


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