Monday, May 23, 2005

"This we'll defend" 

Major K. explains why he fights:
We are fighting this war on their turf, not ours. We do this for two reasons: First, so that our neighborhoods, buildings and innocent civilians don't get blown up or shot by the arhabi as they did on 9/11. This allows a lot of Americans to live in blissful ignorance of what war and real poverty are like. The idea of the local police station in Anytown, USA being attacked with mortars and machine guns several times a week is inconceivable to Americans. I like it that way. Second, we fight on their turf so that they alienate themselves from their local sympathizers. When a bomb goes off or a rocket impacts, it destroys the very roads, buildings and other infrastructure of the people that the arhabi claim to be fighting for. This is why the Iraqis hate the arhabi, but a lot of them are still scared of them.

Better there than here. Be thankful that we have soldiers like the Major to bear our standard Over There.


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