Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday afternoon blogjam 

There's nothing like a lazy Saturday afternoon for a blogjam. Here's what I found on my stroll through the blogroll:

Ann Althouse has piles, and a house that sounds a lot like ours.

Gregory Djerejian (The Belgravia Dispatch) explains the spat between Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds. Better than either of them have, I might add.

A Different River explores the true record of Janice Rogers Brown, the Circuit Court of Appeals nominee over which the Democrats in the Senate have gone to the mat. A principled examination of her record reveals that she is far more liberal than her critics, including The New York Times (which said she was "an extreme right-winng idealogue"), claim. It is almost as though the Democrats are blocking the vote on her nomination because they are afraid that in a couple of short years a Republican President will appoint the first black woman to the United States Supreme Court. But that can't possibly be the reason. Can it?

Firewolf's twin sister committed suicide on Friday, May 13th. The service was this afternoon. Click through and wish him well.

Tom Kirkendall has an outstanding post that indicts the mainstream media for turning a blind eye to prosecutorial misconduct in business cases. Using the Houston Chronicle as his foil, Kirkendall shows how prosecutors regularly deploy tactics against executives that would and do draw howls of protest if used against politicians. If you believe that the criminalization of American business has gone too far and the media bears no small responsibility, you must read Kirkendall's post. (And, by the way, if you don't believe that, you are either a commie, a partisan hack, or a professor.)

Little Green Footballs (and others) catch the Palestinian Authority republishing the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Sadly, this story is not in the least bit surprising.

Scrappleface: 'Baghdad Mosque Closings Spark Weapons Shortage'.
"My children and I stood on line at a back-alley dealer for seven hours just to buy mortar rounds," said one unnamed local resident. "My uncle just called and he's got one rocket-propelled grenade left, and has completely exhausted his family's supply of roadside bombs."

Indeed, industry sources report that the price of all kinds of small armaments jumped 73 percent within minutes of the announcement that the mosques would close.


Finally, Dr. Sanity takes a hard look at assymetry in the writing of headlines at The New York Times.


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