Sunday, May 22, 2005

The divorce rate myth 

What percentage of American marriages will end in divorce? Did you ever hear somebody claim that 50% of marriages will break up? Red State Rant explains why the real proportion is much lower. RSR quotes The New York Times from a month ago:
The method preferred by social scientists in determining the divorce rate is to calculate how many people who have ever married subsequently divorced. Counted that way, the rate has never exceeded about 41 percent, researchers say. Although sharply rising rates in the 1970's led some to project that the number would keep increasing, the rate has instead begun to inch downward.

Other data suggests that it is lower still.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon May 23, 03:52:00 AM:

Assuming that 41% of marriages end in divorce, that means that the remaining 59% end...

in death.

Just to put it in a different perspective.  

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