Monday, May 23, 2005

Painting Venice 

Venice in MS Paint

The artist, one "Diamonster," invested 500 hours creating this "painting" with MS Paint, plus a little touchup with Photoshop. Count me as impressed.

CWCID: My favorite Tunisian blogger, Subzero Blue, who observes that the artist must have "nerves of steel" to do something like this in MS Paint. Indeed.


By Blogger RPD, at Tue May 24, 11:45:00 AM:

Is it good or bad that we're more impressed with the tools he used than with the actual painting?  

By Anonymous MMM, at Wed May 25, 03:32:00 AM:

We're impressed by the quality of the painting knowing that it's made using a tool like MS Paint.

And TigerHawk, Thanks for the kind words, I'm honoured to be your favorite Tunisian blogger :)  

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