Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Giant Blogroll Update 

It being a Saturday night and there being a bad movie on ("Starsky and Hutch"), it must be time to update the blogroll. We kill off dead links, terminate blogs that haven't been updated in a month of Sundays, and add links that you should click through. We try to blogroll blogs that have blogrolled TigerHawk, but we do not always catch them all. If we miss your blog, send me an email and we'll catch it the next time.

Center-to-right Blogs

Amsterdamned Opinionated. "A Berber for Bush." Moroccan, grew up in Amsterdam, lives in New York, reads TigerHawk. Her blog reflects at least the first three influences.

Thomas P.M. Barnett. Geopolitical analysis and personal news from the author of The Pentagon's New Map.

But That's Just My Opinion. "I voted for Ralph Nader in the 2000 election and George Bush in the 2004 election."

Catscape. Greg and Barb and lots of Photoshop work.

The Crusader. News and views from a Christian patriot.

Eurabian Times. The war on terror and the scourage of dhimmitude, from Europe.

Faith, Beer, and Other Things. That interest Geoff Robinson.

Geopolitical Review. An impressive new blog with lots of useful commentary and links on geopolitics.

No Government Cheese. KJ, one of the Villainous Company crowd.

Patterico's Pontifications. Scourage of the Los Angeles Times.

President Aristotle. Bruce Griffith on the pressing issues of the day. "Born in Cleveland: where I studied Greek, ancient history and the Cleveland Browns...in no particular order." Most importantly, lists TigerHawk among the "Magi," a blogroll list that otherwise includes giants of the blogosphere.

Publius Pundit. Tracking the winds of change in the darkest corners of the world. Also, your source for "protest babes."

WesRoth.com. News aggregation with a conservative twist.

Seeker Blog. Foreign affairs and war news and commentary from a blogger who seems to think the way I do.

UPDATE: Two Terms Later! I totally failed to add Adam Kithcart, a graduate student at Ohio State who has a lot to say about politics and medicine. A deep grovel bow in your direction.

Regional Blogs

David's Medienkritik. What's doing in the German press.

DowneastBlog. Pro-American (and maybe even actually American) in Belgium.

Fjordman. I like to think of Fjordman as "NorskiHawk."

Major K. An American officer in Iraq. "Because somebody has to."

Regime Change Iran. Devoted to, er, coverage of regime change -- or more specifically the prospects for and developments in connection with regime change -- in Iran.


By Blogger Aaron, at Sun Mar 27, 12:04:00 AM:

What does it take to get some love for a fellow Hawkeye?


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Mar 27, 12:15:00 AM:

Done! My bad. I'm just sloppy about keeping pending links organized.

Technically, I'm not a fellow Hawkeye, at least not in the alumnus sense. I grew up in Iowa City, though, and my father was chairman of the history department for many years. As a kid I sold souvenirs in Kinnick Stadium, and my passion for the Hawkeyes has never faded.  

By Blogger Myrtus, at Sun Mar 27, 09:55:00 AM:

Hi there TigerHawk! (:
I most certainly do read your blog. You're doing a wonderful job here and I often share links to your posts with my friends.
Thanks for the mention!  

By Blogger Aaron, at Mon Mar 28, 12:49:00 PM:

It's alright, but now you called me by my brother's name.

Did you get my email?  

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