Friday, March 25, 2005

Flyspecking the voter rolls in Washington 

I'm not a fan of election litigation, particularly of the ballot-flyspecking, chad-flicking, franchise-denying-whining variety. When the margin of victory and defeat is less than the irreducible margin of error, we can't really figure out who "won" in any ultimate sense, so we rely on political and judicial mechanisms. I prefer the political mechanisms (the secretary of state certifying the vote, for example) to the judicial (litigation over the mechanics of registration, vote counting, and the like), because I think that it rewards the party that has won the battle at the grass roots sufficiently to control the levers of power. But that's just me.

The Republicans in Washington are still litigating over last November's governor's race, having ultimately "lost" by 129 votes. One of their allegations is that hundreds of convicted felons voted unlawfully. We are to presume that most convicted felons vote for Democrats.

It seems that prosecutors have now identified at least 192 illegal voters, raising the possibility, at least, that Washington has the "wrong" governor. This does not mean that it is in the best interests of Republicans to pursue the lawsuit to throw Christine Gregoire out of office. They will almost certainly lose no matter what the facts are -- what state judge is going to allow the introduction of evidence that will unleash a titanic struggle between two branches of government? -- and in defeat will ratify the legitimacy of Gregoire's victory. That ratifiction, in turn, will make Republicans look like sore losers. Nobody wants to vote for a sore loser.


By Blogger james82, at Sun Mar 27, 01:12:00 PM:

Have a revote in Washington for the Governorship - I think Rossi had won and will win again.

The media incessantly repeats the demonstrated falsehood that people were kept from voting in Florida in 2000. Then after the 2004 election we heard whining about Ohio and voting irregularities.

Meanwhile, a democrat wins the Washington gubernatorial race by 129 votes after a third recount, and evidence has been presented of massive fraud in Milwaukee, enough to swing Wisconsin from the Bush column to the Kerry column. Once the dem won in Washington, the recounts stopped. It stinks badly, and a revote will set it straight.

Finally, Hillary presented a bill called "Count Every Vote", which is an absolute travesty. Instead, a voting/election bill should be presented that ensures one person, one legal vote; such as presenting photo ID when registering to vote and voting, automatic combing through the roles every few years to remove the deceased and moved voters, etc.  

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