Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Cedar Revolution 

"We are going ahead. They cannot prevent us from going down peacefully, democratically and paying tributes to Rafiq al-Hariri on the day of the national parliamentary debate where our main aim is to ask who killed al-Hariri," Jumblatt said.

"Tomorrow residents of Beirut and those coming to it from across Lebanon will hold a sit-in in Martyrs Square," the opposition said in a statement, issued shortly after the government announced the ban on Sunday.

Opposition figure Elias Att Allah said: "The ban does not concern us, we are only holding a peaceful sit-in which will be maintained.

"Let them arrest us."

Interior Minister Sulayman Franjia had earlier outlawed all public demonstrations, on the eve of rival rallies called by the opposition and pro-government parties sympathetic to Syria.

Lebanon's interior ministry on Sunday ordered troops to "use all necessary means" to prevent demonstrations Monday against Syria's military deployment, but protesters vowed to hold them anyway.

The Cedar Revolution is coming. Keeping cheering them on, and make sure that Western politicians know that you care.


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