Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Dutch go on the offensive, and a note to Starbucks 

According to the Dutch Report, the Netherlands is sending 145 commandos and marines to Afghanistan to join the offensive against the Taliban and al Qaeda remnants. This is the first time that the Netherlands is sending ground troops for offensive operations in the global war on terror. The Dutch soldiers will be under American command.

The Dutch decision to go into Afghanistan follows the withdrawal of the Netherlands from Iraq. There was always a tremendous amount of political opposition to the Dutch peacekeepers in Iraq, and when one of their officers shot an Iraqi looter he was threatened with prosecution by a Dutch magistrate. Dutch Reporter speculates that if their politicians are going to undercut the military in any case, the military figures that it might as well do some real whacking of bad guys. Also, a quirk in Dutch law gives the government more flexibility in Afghanistan:
It is noteworthy that the government says it does not need parliamentary approval for the offensive operations they now planned to join in Afganistan, they say approvale of parliament is only needed for ‘peace keeping operations’.

I've decided to honor the Dutch decision to fight in Afghanistan by eating one of these, available at the local Starbucks:
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Starbucks, if it had a clue, would at least note the correct term for this Dutch delicacy: siroopwafel.


By Blogger Dave Schuler, at Sun Feb 27, 07:09:00 PM:

I suppose I should take my good news where I can get it but that small voice tells me this is another sign that the action in Afghanistan is winding down.  

By Anonymous Dutchy, at Tue Mar 08, 06:40:00 PM:

Hello you American,

As a born and bred Dutchman, the correct word for the Dutch delicacy is...not siroopwafel, although very close but STROOPWAFEL.

Then to Dave, do you have inside information about the action in Afghanistan winding down?, or does your country need my countrymen's expertise - and these are the elite of our armed formces - to help you get Osama and his thugs?  

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