Friday, December 31, 2004

Who is John Galt? (Via email) 

I took up my own dare (see "Notes from the TigerHawk birthday" a few posts
back) and am wearing my new "Who is John Galt?" sweatshirt around Princeton
today (at the Princeton-Loyola MD game right now). Contrary to
expectations, I am attracting neither disapproving scowls nor fist-pumping
approval. But several middle-aged women have asked me "Who
is John Galt?" Isn't that interesting? I mean, how many people
are there who ask about slogans on logo attire? I wear a lot of clothing
with stuff written on it, and this is the first time I remember it happening
to me.

Atlas Shrugged is one of the great subversive novels of all time.
It is both a story of subversion and it profoundly influenced two
generations of American conservatives to subvert our version of the
regulatory welfare state. "Who is John Galt?" was the iconic question of
the novel. It surprises and entertains me that it attracts inquiries 50
years after the book's publication.

BTW, Princeton is destroying Loyola, 55-33 with 11:31 to go. Heh.
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UPDATE: Blogger ate this email and didn't barf it up for more than two hours after I sent it for some unknown reason. Accordingly, I updated the time stamp on the post to the time that I sent the email, as opposed to the publication of the post.


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