Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Nick Coleman spits into the wind 

Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman seems to be taking ill-informed shots at Power Line, and Hindrocket is responding like, well, a litigator. Hindrocket just pounds away at Coleman. It is an amusing read.

I will say, though, that if I were Nick Coleman I would certainly hate Power Line, particularly for the "homeless of Nazareth" kerfuffle. Coleman had suggested the Mary and Joseph were "homeless" in an otherwise inoffensive Christmas column about helping those less fortunate. A reader named David quite politely took issue with Coleman in an email to the columnist, to which Coleman replied that David "maybe ought to consider becoming a Christian." David responded, Coleman piled on the stupidity, and several emails later David had an email thread in which Coleman made himself appear to be a complete imbecile. And a mean one, to boot, quite out of keeping with the spirit of the season. Power Line republished the exchange, which (if genuine) exposed Coleman as ignorant and mean-spirited.

As I said, no wonder he hates them.


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