Sunday, December 19, 2004

The homeless of Nazareth 

Power Line (Time Magazine's "blog of the year," by the way) has republished an absolutely hilarious exchange between the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's columnist Nick Coleman and a reader named David. It seems that in writing a perfectly reasonable seasonal column about the social problem of homeless people, Coleman asked us to recall that Mary and Joseph were homeless, to wit:
If we can't [take care of the needy], you have to wonder what we're celebrating this Christmas. After all, once upon a time, a homeless couple came to Bethlehem, looking for shelter.


That's what reader David thought. But when he very politely points out the small detail that Mary and Joseph weren't homeless, Coleman loses all spirit of the season and suggests that David "maybe ought to consider becoming a Christian." It goes down hill from there.

Anyway, read the whole thing. For a laugh.

CWCID: Brainshavings.


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