Wednesday, December 29, 2004

No dead animals 

It is a cliche to say that modern man has lost touch with the environment, that we've lost something we once had. But if this is not the case, how can we explain this?

Sri Lankan wildlife officials are stunned -- the worst tsunami in memory has
killed around 22,000 people along the Indian Ocean island's coast, but they
can't find any dead animals. Giant waves washed floodwaters up to 3 km (2
miles) inland at Yala National Park in the ravaged southeast, Sri Lanka's
biggest wildlife reserve and home to hundreds of wild elephants and several

"The strange thing is we haven't recorded any dead animals," H.D.
Ratnayake, deputy director of the national Wildlife Department, told Reuters on
Wednesday. "No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit," he
added. "I think animals can sense disaster. They have a sixth sense. They know
when things are happening." At least 40 tourists, including nine Japanese,
were drowned.


By Blogger Screwy Hoolie, at Wed Dec 29, 11:13:00 AM:


Does this work for terrorist attacks as well? Maybe we ought to have an Office Of Homeland Animal Husbandry to place woodland creatures at high profile target areas. Is this why I never see Iraqi animals on the news?  

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