Monday, December 27, 2004

Might be time to clean the basement 

Who knows what you'll find down there? This woman put a couple of old ceramic insulators on ebay for $5.99 apiece, and then watched in awe as the collectors circled.
Just a few hours later, she checked to see how it was doing - and found 10 urgent messages from collectors, telling her that the glass insulator dated to the 1890s, was extraordinarily rare and listed in price guides at up to $10,000. In a panic, Quimby went to pull the insulator off and put a higher price on it. Instead, she found 22 bids already posted, vaulting the price to $5,100.


By Blogger Fausta, at Tue Dec 28, 08:24:00 AM:

I'm still wondering what Jim's box of corn starch would have fetched on ebay!  

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