Friday, December 24, 2004

Iowa vs LSU, and a missed opportunity for a turducken 

College Football News has published its preview of the Capital One Bowl, predicting a 23-16 LSU victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes. If I could I would pick out the flaws in their analysis that would lead me to a different conclusion, but in this case that is tough to do. LSU is the defending national champ and the best team the Hawkeyes have played in awhile. It will take some breaks for the Iowa to win. The one wild card is that, given the layoff, Iowa has had time to rebuild something of a running game, something completely absent during the regular season as a result of catastrophic injuries in their backfield. But that may not be enough. Against other opponents I would also have confidence that Captain Kirk Ferentz would be able to outmatch his counterpart across the field, but Nick Saban is one of a handful who negate that advantage as well.

The game did give me the opportunity to call an old prep school buddy down in Nawlins to talk a little trash. I offered him a some action on the game, and was surprised when he turned me down. (Hmm, does he know something that CFN does not?) I was disappointed, as I thought I had at least a long shot opportunity to win a turducken in a Hawkeye victory, but apparently there was nothing of equal value I could provide if LSU wins. I guess I could send him a Smithfield ham, but I will admit that New Orleans has the upper hand in this type of contest. I guess I'll have to order my own turducken.


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