Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A new low 

Phone scammers are nothing new. We've all been warned that using a phone card in a public place can result in thousands of dollars in charges as your access number is swiped and hits the streets within minutes. The rise of the cell phone has no doubt made business more difficult for this crowd, so they are resorting to more aggressive tactics. Beware.

A voice at the other end of the line told the 46-year-old Spring Hill father
that his son was in a life-threatening automobile accident and would need
specialized medical care to stay alive... The person who phoned Roman wanted the
father to telephone another phone number beginning with star 72 to allow the
emergency room doctor to begin treating 21-year-old James...If a resident calls
the star 72 number, the citizen's telephone is locked to the scammer's number,
allowing that person to make unlimited long distance phone calls at the victim's


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