Sunday, November 21, 2004

Jihad "unspun" 

You really can't appreciate the creeps we are fighting against until you read some of their propaganda. I'm sure most of it is in Arabic, but for the worst in English nothing tops Jihad Unspun. According to Jihad Unspun today, for example, Iraqi insurgents hit an American base with chemical weapons, and killed more than 270 of our soldiers. The attack, reported nowhere else in the press, was in retaliation for alleged American use of chemical weapons, also reported nowhere else:
This attack came as a response to the American chemical attack on Fallujah a few days ago. At press time, there is not one word in mainstream press about this large scale attack. Curiously, a quick search on Google netted virtually no information at all on the Iraq war – a war that is taking American lives daily.

If this is what they're writing in English, you can imagine what the Arabic propaganda looks like.


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