Saturday, November 20, 2004


'Brain Area Found to Be Smaller in Cocaine Addicts' - headline, A.P.
Exactly what the finding means is not yet clear, but several pieces of evidence suggest that reduced volume in the amygdala may predispose a person to cocaine addiction, the study's senior author told Reuters Health.

No matter what they tell you, size matters.

'Who Smokes the Most Dope in Europe?' - headline, Reuters.
Swiss teenagers smoke more cannabis than their peers in every other European country, a survey said Thursday, casting a pall over the country's prim and wholesome image.

Perhaps the famed Swiss neutrality comes from apathy, rather than geopolitical savvy.

'Cattle Tracking Tested to Protect Food' - headline, A.P.

'Cause cows are even sneakier than foxes.

'Dolphins valuable to U.S. in Arabian Gulf' - headline, A.P.
The dolphins deployed as underwater sentinels to the Arabian Gulf region by the U.S. Navy last year have been valuable in protecting coalition ships and piers against terrorist attacks, a Navy spokesmen said Friday.

Who needs NATO when you have the cetaceans?


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