Saturday, November 20, 2004

Tactical rooting 

For perhaps the first time in my life, I cheered for Ohio State to beat Michigan, one of my alma maters. Why? Because my childhood love of the Iowa Hawkeyes dominates my law school loyalty to the Wolverines, and a Buckeye victory was necessary for Iowa to have a shot at the Big Ten championship. Of course, the Buckeyes did win, setting up the Hawkeyes to take out Wisconsin later in the afternoon. So my two Big Ten schools, Michigan and Iowa, share the conference championship. And my father-in-law -- a Madison grad -- owes me ten bucks, to boot. Heh.

It turns out that Ann Althouse, a graduate of the University of Michigan, was also hoping for Ohio State to win, 'ceptin' she wasted her disloyalty on the false promise of Badger glory. It is tough to get nothing for the treason in your heart.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 22, 09:06:00 AM:

As a loyal fan of the Maize and Blue, I was fortunate to have been occupied with youth ice hockey on Saturday, thus missing the awful proccedings in Columbus.

Thank you to the Hawkeyes for sending Michigan to the Rose Bowl. Here's hoping the Hawkeyes continue to play well and win wherever they end up on New Year's Day.


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