Monday, October 11, 2004

Good news from Iraq, part 12 

Arthur Chrenkoff's 12th installment of "Good news from Iraq" is up. We provide it here for those few of our readers that would not have picked up the link elsewhere. If, however, you have not thrilled yourself with this edition of Chrenkish optimism, here are a few highlights:

Arthur's first substantive sentence: "I struggled to find some good news." But he's referring to the difficulty of finding good news in the mainstream media (the MSM to we bloggers) about Israel:
[I]f Israel, which - particularly by the regional standards - enjoys a thriving democracy, a growing economy and a healthy civil society only ends up in the news for all the wrong reasons, what chance is there for Iraq, which still has a considerable way to go before it catches up to the Israeli standards of security, prosperity and civility?

A damned good question, which is why you have to read Chrenkoff's "good news" series.

If you don't read Chrenkoff, you will not hear from the American right that the European Union is spending $36 million to support free elections in Iraq.

If you don't read Chrenkoff, you will not hear from American feminists that the Bush Administration's State Department is spending $10 million to help Iraqi women become more involved in politics.

There's a new generation of Iraqi political cartoonists.

Trading volume is up on the Baghdad stock exchange.

Read about the many reconstruction projects that are underway, or accomplished. Iraq now has significantly more electricity capacity than before the fall of the ancien regime -- continuing shortages derive from greatly increased demand.

Chrenk includes an extensive update on military matters, including the tidbit that 48 of the roughly 100 prisoners taken in the Samarra campaign were foreign nationals.

Read the whole thing.


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