Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The New Yorker imitates Michael Moore 

Yesterday I wrote this post, which rejoiced in THK's potty-mouth. I linked to this article from The New Yorker, in which Judith Thurman wrote that THK "employed the word 'scumbags' to describe some of her detractors."

It turns out, though, that Ms. Thurman inched a slow one by The New Yorker's vaunted fact-checkers. Here's what ThePittsburghChannel.com (WTAE-TV) said last night:
A check of that tape shows that while Heinz Kerry did use the word, it came in the context of discussing what her son Chris called the "noble art of public service."

"I believe there is a nobility in public service. I believe every citizen can be a public servant. And should be," said Heinz Kerry.

Sally Wiggin asked, "Do you think some of the nobility has gone out of public service?"

Heinz Kerry said, "Oh, there is a lot of scumbags everywhere. Not just in politics. In everything. There are a lot of immoral people everywhere."

The author of the New Yorker article was allowed by Heinz Kerry to observe the original interview as it was taped.

Of course, our prior post, though fake, is still accurate: the sheer entertainment value of THK is still the most compelling reason to vote for JFK.


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