Saturday, July 31, 2004

Department of question-begging yacht names (via email) 

Tonight, as I write this, there is a gorgeous yacht of Cayman Islands
registry moored at Antibes. Its name: "New Life".

When I see something like this, my imagination runs wild. Discounting
almost immediately the possibility that the witness protection program has
suddenly taken a turn for the lavish - why bother when you have Gitmo at
your disposal? - I lept to the assumption that tax or, er, "traceability
considerations" drove the owner's decision to live in the Caymans and cruise
the Riviera during High Season. If that were true, does the name "New Life"
signal a quantum leap in the yachtsman's Q of L or, more nefariously, an
inability to return to his OECD country of origin?

Of course, there is also the chance that the fellow chose a Caymans Islands
registry because it seems to be something of a flag of convenience for the
yachting world. But that doesn't explain the name, does it? Maybe,
therefore, our yachtsman shed the world of work or simply a wife and is,
shall we say, starting over in one respect or another.

Or maybe our yachtsman IS the wife.

What's your favorite explanation?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 05, 04:29:00 AM:

Has to be Ellen Marks.  

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