Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Supreme Court of Israel steps in 

One need look no further than the Supreme Court of Israel to see why that nation is so different from the Arab countries that have worked to destroy it for more than 50 years. Israel's highest court is arguably the most powerful supreme court in the world, and it has used that power today to shape the course of Israel's separation wall.
The Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered changes in the route of the country's West Bank separation barrier, saying the current route is causing too much harm to the local Palestinian population.

The court said the changes must be made, even at the risk of reducing Israeli security. The decision dealt a setback to Israel's defense establishment.

And what is the IDF's reaction? No argument, no refusal to comply, and a commitment to examine the route of the fence in places not directly addressed in the court's opinion:
Dany Tirza, the army's chief planner of the route of the barrier, said the decision would delay construction "certainly by many months."

He said everything would return to their original conditions and that Palestinians will receive compensation for their losses.

Brig. Gen. Eran Ofir, the head of logistics in the army, hinted that the ruling could affect other areas of construction.

"In regards to other areas, we will have to consider after checking the ruling and then act accordingly," Ofir said.

Of course, the media takes such a decision for granted, which is quite astonishing in that part of the world. Why is it that Israelis alone among Middle Easterners have empowered an independent judiciary that grants victories to lawyers who bring lawsuits against the military? Lawyers named Mohammed. And why is it that the BBC, CNN and Reuters do not even consider demanding the same of Arabs?

Do you want a victory condition in the war on Islamist jihad? When a lawyer named David wins a lawsuit against an Arab government in its own courts.


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