Saturday, June 19, 2004

Six-month blogoversary 

Yesterday was TigerHawk's six-month blogoversary, passing without fanfare or even recognition (I thought it was today, actually). In any case, here's the link to my first post, which explained what I was up to, and tried to set the bar as low as possible.

Since then, I have learned a few things about this blogging business. First and foremost, I enjoy it, and post as often as professional and family demands permit. Blogging has become my most important hobby.

I have written more than 500 posts, which include more than 110,000 words, the equivalent of a book in length, if not otherwise. I write on that which interests me at the moment, both public and personal. As regular readers know, I have written heavily on international relations, particularly as the subject relates to the Middle East and Iraq, and domestic politics.

I write about things that I find amusing, but I try not to be too snarky. Oh, sure, I'm occasionally snarky, but I try to label snarkiness for what it is and hope that my blog friends on the left will cut me some slack. In any case, I'm no snarkier than they are.

I am probably less partisan than many bloggers, but careful readers know that I am center-right on economic and national security matters, and fairly libertarian on social matters. I have not decided who I will vote for in the fall, although I am surprised that I am confessing to such ambivalence at this juncture. A year ago I was firmly in the Bush camp, but I am wavering. If Kerry were not such a tedious, self-important, pompous, multilateralist load I probably would have jumped ship by now. Since I think that Bush may yet shake things up and improve his own team as a result, I will wait until September before I declare my support for either candidate.

In addition to the politics and the international affairs and the little humorous asides, I have written about anything that just interests me, including family vacations, business trips, matters of child-rearing, charter schools, academic liberals, the fascist tendency in new home construction, paying for health care, numistmatics, a particular type of simile, legal affairs, and, of course, pylar cysts. It has been fun, and I have learned an enormous amount.

TigerHawk has always been a little out of step with a lot of the blogs on my blogroll, and that is by design. Generally, I have tried not to pile on -- if a story is getting huge attention in the media and the blogosphere, I usually will not write about it unless I think I have something original to add to the discussion. Sometimes I have written about such things because I have seen the story earlier than most people -- I was an early linker to one of the appalling left-wing articles about Pat Tillman, and got a lot of hits as a result -- or I write about them after they have cooled off a bit. I also try to write about things that nobody else is writing about because that's what sets me free.

Thanks for reading this long!


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