Thursday, June 24, 2004

Free speech at Princeton High School 

Via Fine? Why Fine?, a wonderful and instructive story of free speech, its limits and its consequences in Princeton High School. One student, and an anonymous band of followers, wielded Tinker v. Des Moines like a sword, and learned a lesson in freedom that never could have come from the curriculum.

Like young Bryan Henderson, I grew up in a very left of center college town. I was in the tenth grade in 1976, and with a small group of conservative friends volunteered for the local Republicans, who were a scattered and leaderless band until shaped into a fighting force of teenagers by a retired Green Beret named Vic Wollums. Never were we charged with racism, because we did not live in such semantically nuanced times, but we faced the opposition and occasionally the wrath of our teachers, with rare exceptions. So I feel for Bryan Henderson, and hope that if he needs a friend in Princeton that he contacts TigerHawk at the email address above.

UPDATE (6/29 4:30 a.m.): This is in Princeton, WV, not NJ, so please accept my apology for the confusion. A good story nonetheless.


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