Monday, June 14, 2004

Reconcile these two headlines 

'Mortgage delinquencies lowest in 4 years' - headline, Reuters, today.

'Kerry campaign says middle class hurting' - headline, Associated Press, today.

It never pays to play the pessimist, especially when things are pretty good and getting better (as they are right now -- take it from me, I oversee HR at a pretty big company, as improbable as that may be). I hate to second-guess the Kerry campaign's crack staff, but if I were him I would pound away at the Bush administration's competence, or lack thereof, rather than bleating on about how people are "hurting." Americans who actually vote don't want to think of themselves as "hurting," even if they are hurting, especially when we have soldiers abroad who are actually hurting.

But a lot of people, including people who voted for Bush the last time, are very worried that too many of his people are just not competent. Increasingly, I'm one of them.


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