Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Amnesty International condemns Syria 

Amnesty International has issued a stern condemnation of Syrian treatment of Kurdish prisoners, and has alleged that Syria has tortured more than twenty teenagers, people considered children in other parts of the world. If true, the Syrians are guilty of behaving brutally:
The organization has received the names of more than 20 children, aged between 14 to 17 years, who have reportedly been subjected to various types of torture, leaving scars on their bodies, and leading to serious injuries including broken noses, perforated ear drums and infected wounds. Among the torture techniques reportedly applied against the children were:

Applying electric shocks on hands and feet and sensitive parts of the body;
Extraction of toe nails;
Holding the heads of children and banging them violently against each other causing injuries and bleeding from the nose. One of the children continues to suffer nose bleeds after being released;
Beating with electric cables and rifle butts;
Ordering the children to strip almost naked while counting from one to three, then beating them if they do not complete the stripping while counting.

Of course, if you search of media coverage of this story, which is right there on Amnesty's web site, you get exactly one hit from a major news organization -- the Jerusalem Post. Oh, excuse me. The Kurds seem to have covered the story.

Why not the BBC, CNN or CBS? Is it because their contempt for Arabs is so boundless that their torturing of children is simply not interesting to them? Or is it because they fear that coverage of this story may distract the world from the truth sources of evil, the United States and Israel?


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