Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Al Gore drops grenade into Florida Democratic Senate Primary 

Al Gore "called [Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alex] Penelas the 'single most treacherous and dishonest person I dealt with during the campaign anywhere in America' in an e-mail to the Miami Herald." Apparently Penalas, a Miami-Dade mayor with close ties to Miami Cubans, failed to show sufficient enthusiasm for Gore's candidacy in 2000, probably because Gore was no favorite of Penalas's constituency. In any case, Angry Al's comments may not have their intended effect on Penalas, who before the email was running third in a three-politico field:
In a campaign that has generated little heat or public interest, political observers expect Gore's stinging comments to resonate.

"The response from supporters has been overwhelming," Penelas said. "Quite frankly, this is going to be the best thing that happened."

The most prominent backing came from the man Penelas hopes to replace, U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, who issued a statement Monday calling Penelas a friend and supporter.

I have no problem with politicians saying wild and crazy things -- it makes for better blogging. But Al needs to take a chill pill or he is going to destroy the legacy of an otherwise creditable public career, and he will limit his future. If people doubt his temperament it will be hard for any university to make him president or any President to make him ambassador. Which would be too bad, because Gore once had a lot to contribute.


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