Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Nick Berg 

The murder of Nick Berg really pisses me off. Consider this lonely corner of the "American street" up in arms. Which begs a question: how come nobody seems to be worried that the "American street" is going to rise up? Why shouldn't the world care about our anger? Why is it that the Western media constantly reminds us that we must not "enrage" the "Arab street"? Is it that the press corps has such contempt for Arabs that it is unwilling to hold them accountable for their emotions? It should not surprise us that the kings and fascist dictators of the Middle East are concerned about the Arab Street, insofar as their governments gain legitimacy only from the idea that popular sovereignty in that part of the world is incompetent. But why do Western reporters indulge this idea?

And why aren't the networks constantly replaying the beheading on television? Are they afraid it might reinforce support for our war on Islamist jihad? Where is the URL to Al Qaeda's website? The Washington Post surely has it -- why not publish it?

Meanwhile, what is it with Islamists and the beheading of Jews? Oh yeah. The media didn't really emphasize that Nick Berg was Jewish. Perhaps they thought it might be relevant.

The Western left indulges in the fantasy that its opposition to Israel's right to exist is not anti-Semitism. Really? Then why do the leading anti-Semites in the world, the people who are better at anti-Semitism than anybody since Hitler and Himmler, believe that opposition to Israel justifies killing any Jew, anywhere, any time?

America has made a great many strategic and tactical mistakes since September 11. Let's not make the mistake of failing to listen to our enemy.


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