Monday, May 10, 2004

At least we're abusing the right people... 

'Saddam's officials got special abuse' - headline, Associated Press.

U.S. military personnel singled out senior officials of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s regime for special abuse in coalition prison, including solitary confinement for months on end, The Associated Press has learned.

Meanwhile, Arabs are once again shocked and angered:

'Bush's backing of Rumsfeld shocks and angers Arabs' - headline, Associated Press.

If the Western press is to be believed, Arabs are in an almost continual state of shock and anger, but apparently it is news every time.

And John Kerry has at least 275,000 supporters who are with the Arabs on this one.

You have to love the Kerry campaign. There really is nothing like a petition drive to get the juices flowing.

If the Kerry campaign had a clue in the world, it would make one simple point, over and over again: "The Bush White House needs to get control of the situation in Iraq, both in fact and in the eyes of the world." That simple statement is correct, fosters anxiety in the American electorate, and is patriotic as all get out. Instead he launches a petition drive, which makes him look like he's running for class president at some suburban high school instead of the Presidency of the United States. Kerry is so bush league he's out of Bush's league, as hard as that may be to believe under the circumstances.


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