Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Kerry warns opponents not to attack his wife 

This is hilarious. Kerry marries an incredibly ambitious and wealthy woman, blames her for the family SUV, uses her in campaign finance ads he approves (the new "feel good" ads, which are quite good, by the way), and now says that if people attack his wife "they are going to have to go through" him.

It always cracks me up when Democratic candidates go into macho bluster mode. They've had to do this ever since Mike Dukakis quite famously failed to work himself up into a sufficient rage on behalf of Kitty, particularly with regard to a hypothetical question about whether he would support the death penalty if she were raped and murdered. In Kerry's case, it is almost as though he has been waiting for somebody to attack Theresa so that he could get all protective on her behalf, and when nobody did he decided to threaten them anyway.

If you use your wife -- and "use" is definitely the correct verb -- to advance your political ambitions, it is perfectly legitimate for your opponents to attack her. Indeed, attacking the spouse is a long and immensely entertaining tradition in American politics that we shouldn't abandon just because it means we'll have to "go through" John Kerry.


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