Monday, May 17, 2004

In-flight Internet connectivity 

Boeing and Lufthansa have teamed up to provide in-flight WI-FI Internet connectivity:
Connexion by Boeing, a business unit of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA - News), and Lufthansa German Airlines made history today on flight LH 452 from Munich to Los Angeles by giving passengers the opportunity to be the first in the world to experience real-time, WiFi-based, high-speed Internet connectivity on a commercial flight route.

For some of us, the airplane was our last refuge from the world. As annoying as travel can be, at least we couldn't be called or otherwise put upon for a couple of hours. I enjoyed working without interruption or distraction. Soon that simple pleasure will be a thing of the past.

Then again, I'll be able to blog from 30,000 feet, which has its own possibilities.


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