Friday, May 14, 2004

Army recruitment is up 

New volunteers are more than replacing American casualties in Iraq, according to James Dunnigan:
Anyone going to Iraq has a 4-5 percent chance of getting hurt. But so far that has not caused a decline in volunteers, despite media reports recruiting would suffer. There may yet be a decline in volunteers, and the army is paying close attention to recruiting efforts in order to detect any problems early, so they can try and counter them. One thing the army has noted is the increasing number of volunteers who are joining up not for the educational benefits or the money. Now a major incentive is patriotism. Many young Americans believe that Islamic radicals are a real threat to the United States and want to do something about it.

Dunnigan's assertion, at least, contradicts claims from the left that recruitment levels remain high because of an allegedly poor economy, and that we should reinstate the draft to spread the burden of the fighting without regard to economic position. Read the whole thing.

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