Friday, April 30, 2004

Time to leave Rene Gonzalez alone 

At the risk of alienating the more passionate of TigerHawk's elite and inspired readership, I hereby propose that it is time to lay off Rene Gonzalez. His column on Pat Tillman is now infamous, and those in opposition to it have made themselves heard a thousand times over, in every way imaginable. But it is time to chill out.

How do I know this? First, my referrers page goes on forever with Google searches looking for his article. I take that as evidence that those of us who have publicized his article have only magnified its circulation a million times over. I hope the Tillman family is comforted by the collective outrage, but perhaps they are suffering for it. If it were me, I wouldn't really want all of this controversy slammed into the middle of my grieving.

Second, I received a couple of emails last night from somebody who is circulating Gonzalez's email addresses (or the email addresses of somebody with that name), and what purports to be his telephone number and photograph, extracted off the Web. Why do we need that information? To harrass the guy? Don't do it.

He takes shelter under the First Amendment, and his opponents should too. Torture him in the press and in the blogosphere if you must, but do not contact him directly, harrass him in person, call him on the phone or load up his email account. Leave him in peace to consider the rage that he has unleashed.


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