Thursday, April 29, 2004

McDermott didn't inhale, either 

Surpassing John Kerry's efforts to pin his SUV on his family and justify investing in the efforts of Benedict Arnold CEOs, Jim McDermott is now blaming his omission of "God" from his recent Pledge recitation on the House floor on immutable habit dating from childhood:

McDermott said he mistakenly reverted to the pledge as he had recited it in childhood. The phrase "under God" was added in 1954, when McDermott was 18.

This is laugh-out-loud funny. When I sing the pre "reform" version of "Old Nassau," I know what I'm doing, and that was only 17 years ago. It almost makes me wonder how often McDermott has actually recited the Pledge since 1954.

It also almost makes me wish that I didn't support McDermott's position, or at least a more subtle variant thereof, on the Pledge.


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