Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"Unilateralist" America picks up another ally 

The United States has established new military ties with Armenia, a country long associated with Russia and Iran.

An agreement on “acquisitions and provision of mutual services” was signed in Yerevan by the chief of the Armenian army staff, Colonel-General Mikael Harutiunian, and the visiting deputy commander of the U.S. troops in Europe, General Charles Wald. It reflects growing U.S.-Armenian military cooperation and is apparently linked to Armenia’s plans to send non-combat military personnel to Iraq.

George and Azerbaijan are already strong allies of the United States, and have troops in Iraq. Armenia has been the Caucaus state most oriented toward Tehran and Moscow, rather than America. Closer Armenian-American ties strengthen the encirclement of Iran, and may make it more difficult for Russia to meddle in the Gulf.


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