Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Foolish rules, foolish schools, and even more foolish parents 

This is so stupid I can't resist.

Capital High School in Charleston, West Virginia has a rule that forbids large groups of students from wearing shirts of the same color -- apparently pants of the same color are just fine -- unless they are the school colors.

So naturally the students are showing up wearing T-shirts of the same color. Last week it was pink, this week it is powder blue. The principal is sending them all home with orders to change, all in an effort to combat gang activity. The students, and TigerHawk, think that this is hilarious:

“A gang of pink guys? Oh, that really scares me,” said Lizz Spencer, a Capital student who wore a T-shirt with the school’s colors Monday.

“Baby blue. Uh-oh,” said Bryan Flowers, another Capital student. “Those people [school administrators] in the office, they must be part of a gang — they’re all wearing ties.”

And the rebellion continues: Tuesday through Friday, the kids are going to wear red, white, grey and black shirts, in that order.

This is obviously a standoff that the administration can't afford to lose. Send in the Marines, even if it ticks off the Shiites.

Oops. Wrong standoff.

And finally, we hear from the whining parents, who are, as always, the most annoying:

Some parents complained to central office administrators Monday afternoon, saying their children inadvertently wore light blue T-shirts to school.

Yeah, right, that's the ticket! It was definitely inadvertent! Didn't mean to wear that powder blue shirt, mom!


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