Saturday, April 24, 2004


A couple of days ago John Kerry tried to separate himself from his SUV by claiming it was his family's, not his, which is an obscure concept and which in any case raises the question, "if you can't control your own damn family, how are you going to keep the executive branch in line?" Now, after sanctimoniously preaching that Americans should buy American cars and itemizing his own fleet for the Detroit News, it turns out that Theresa owns an Audi.

Now, the TigerHawk family owns both an SUV and a Teutonic road monster (a BMW we inherited from TigerHawk's mother-in-law), and loves them both. We are, like John Kerry, slightly troubled by the wasteful and dangerous aspects of the SUV, which we lamely justify because we have to haul around horses several times a week (OK, strictly speaking, we choose to haul around horses several times a week in the same sense that other families choose to cart their children up and down the East Coast so that they can play soccer and hockey). The difference between John Kerry's family and the TigerHawk family is that we understand and can live with these contradictions. He can't, because he's running for President.

So if you are going to run for President and "invest" $6 million of your "own" money in the campaign, and if your nomination depends on sucking up to environmentalists and your election depends on winning Michigan, why don't you lose the SUV and the Audi in advance, rather than coming up with ridiculous excuses that harm your credibility?


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