Thursday, March 18, 2004

Kerry or Bush? Muslim anti-Semites don't agree! 

'Islamists Declare Spain Truce, Endorse Bush' - FoxNews.com.

The London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi said on its Web site that it had received a statement from "The Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri (search) (Al Qaeda)" in which the group reiterated its responsibility for the March 11 attacks that killed more than 200 people and wounded more than 1,600....

The group appeared to boast it had the power to change governments.

"We change and destroy countries," the statement said. "We even influence the international economy, and this is God's blessing to us."

The statement tells American voters that Abu Hafs al-Masri supports the re-election campaign of President Bush: "We are very keen that Bush does not lose the upcoming elections."

The statement said Abu Hafs al-Masri needs what it called Bush's "idiocy and religious fanaticism" because they would "wake up" the Islamic world.

Somebody has to wake up the Islamic world. To modernity.

Meanwhile, via Little Green Footballs, we hear from one of the foreign leaders that supports John Kerry, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, has endorsed John Kerry. Mahathir isn't too hopeful that Kerry's election will bring about a major change of U.S. policy in Israel and Palestine, however:

"But in the U.S., the Jewish lobby is very strong, and any American who wants to become president cannot change the policy toward Palestine radically," he said.

Just the sort of stuff you might read in Mein Kampf.

This helpful input has apparently moved the Kerry campaign to reject endorsements by "foreign leaders" as inappropriate:

Kerry "rejects any association" with Mahathir, "an avowed anti-Semite whose views are totally deplorable," said Kerry foreign policy adviser Rand Beers in a statement.

“This election will be decided by the American people, and the American people alone. It is simply not appropriate for any foreign leader to endorse a candidate in America’s presidential election. John Kerry does not seek, and will not accept, any such endorsements,” Beers said.

Apart from some good old partisan ribbing, it is silly to think that any aspect of the "foreign leaders" controversy reflects poorly on Kerry. However, it is useful to know that some of the most revolting dirtbags on the planet do not relish the prospect of George Bush's reelection. The fact that this is lost on various of the Western powers who free-ride on American initiative does not diminish the value of disappointing the Islamists and their fellow travelers.


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