Monday, March 15, 2004

The Chechans learn a lesson from Spain 

Stratfor published the following situation report this afternoon:

1956 GMT - Al Jazeera broadcast March 13 a videotape of a man claiming to be a leader of Arab fighters in Chechnya. The man -- identified as Abu al Waleed -- claimed responsibility for the February 2004 bombings in the Moscow subway and warned that there will be more attacks in Russia. The man also said that the extent of Chechen attacks in Russia depended on ongoing elections and that if Russia elects someone who will declare war on Chechnya, the militants in Chechnya will respond with more bombings.

The Islamists think they have found a weak spot in the democracies, and perhaps they have. While I am not without sympathy for the Chechans, it is now, after Spain, more important for the future of freedom that Russian voters defy the blackmail and elect precisely those candidates that most offend the terrorists.


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