Friday, March 12, 2004

Another door opens for Israel, this time in New Delhi 

I popped awake and immediately started thinking about the bombings in Spain, so here I am, blogging when I should be sleeping.

I have written before about the remarkable warming in ties between India and the United States during the Bush Administration. It is tough to understand why there has been so little discussion of this in the press. I am tempted to ascribe the silence of the major media to anti-Bush bias -- our much closer relationship with India certainly undermines the meme that Bush is "unilateralist."

However, I think there are two better explanations for the silence of the otherwise bleating media lambs on this subject. First, there seems to be something of a long-standing tradition of under covering India in our media. I have a friend from boarding school (yes, TigerHawk went to boarding school) who worked as the Asia correspondant for a major paper for many years. He told me a decade ago that he could always get approval to cover China, but it took him ages to for his editors to sign off on one three-week visit to India.

Second, the Bush Administration is not exactly shouting about its ties with India over the network news. Why? We need Pakistan's cooperation on several different pressing issues.

India, in fact, is reaching out to other countries with which it used to have chilly relations. One of them is Israel. The Times of India has the story.

Nothing brings people together like Islamist terrorism. While it may disrupt old relationships within the West, in the broader world, on the front lines, the free peoples of the world are joining together.


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