Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Kerry "forgets" Saint Patrick's Day 

'Senator says he forgot about St. Patrick's breakfast' -- headline, Bostonherald.com.

A Senator from Massachusetts "forgets" a Saint Patrick's Day breakfast that he has moved heaven and earth to attend in the past?

Now, TigerHawk thinks that the modern trend of "gotcha" campaigning -- and even blogging -- is silly. You will see very little of that sort of thing on this blog. However, the notion that John Kerry "forgot" this event is too risible to ignore. Apart from the substantive underlying denial, this is just like Clinton's claim that he "didn't inhale": an utterly unbelievable lie to deflect a slightly embarrassing situation. Not similar, you might say? Which would be the tougher truth: admitting that you smoked pot a couple of times as a college student (even allowing for changes in mores since 1992), or telling the Boston Herald that you blew off Saint Patrick's Day during your presidential campaign to spend the weekend hanging in your wife's chalet in Sun Valley?


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