Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It would be hard to blog from Belize 

A colleague of mine on vacation in Belize is having a hard time responding to emails on a timely basis. Apparently there is a "communication issue near San Pedro in Ambergris Caye," and this is his only connection to the internets.

It would be hard to blog from Belize

I'm obviously "doing it wrong," as the TH Teenager would say.


By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Wed Feb 11, 11:50:00 AM:

I think the vacationing colleague is snowing you. I was on Harbour Island in the Bahamas (about a universe away from the synthetic bullcrap on islands like Nassau or Grand Bahama) and sent and received emails, docs etc from a literally a thatched roof place called "Arthurs Bakery." Of course, Barry Diller and Hall & Oates used the place, too, but hey it was still a hut. I think your cooleague just wants to have a real vacation w/out being bugged. Interesting concept...LOL  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Wed Feb 11, 04:04:00 PM:

If you've ever had the pleasure of being in Belize City...the most metropolitan place in this little country...you'd quickly realize that internet is the least of their worries. I suspect it looks like downtown Princeton will after four more years of "stimulation".

On the other hand, they are friendly. We went "cave tubing" out in the rain forest one day. A miner's hat, tractor tire, life vest and a rapid underground river. Very exciting...and not a liability attorney in sight.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 12, 07:06:00 PM:

Belize City ... very dangerous place, and a real toilet.

I spent a week on Ambergris and can vouch for the unlikelihood of finding much in the way of civilization as we know it. One nice hotel we stayed at, a brewery, some lesser hotels.

When I passed back into the states, some old folks were getting their heads hammered in customs ... they were obvious cig smokers by their Pepe LePew scent, and the agent wasn't buying it that they weren't muling in a ton more.

He got to my wife and I, learned we'd been in Belize, and asked for our declarations. I said "God Bless America". He asked about what we were bringing home. "Nothing". He challenged me, to which I responded "Have you ever been there?", and he let us go on.

You can buy t-shirts, pharmaceuticals without prescriptions, and that's about it.  

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