Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ten million lives 

Bill Frist, who walks the walk when it comes to helping the poor people of Africa, argues that American programs that would not have been enacted but for George W. Bush have saved millions of lives on that continent and elsewhere.


By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Mon Jan 19, 12:26:00 AM:

Let's contrast this with the Clinton record in Rawanda.

That's our new "experienced" team.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jan 19, 01:14:00 AM:

The Africans appreciate Bush.

"Africa as a continent stands out as the main region in the world where Bush is most likely to be missed and where widespread support for the 62-year-old Texan mystified his critics. When he visited the continent in February, he was greeted everywhere by excited, happy crowds. Pew foundation polls suggested that he had approval ratings of up to 80%, even in countries with a dominantly Muslim population. In Darfur, many people reportedly name their newborn children George Bush."


Maybe this appreciation is some of what sustained Bush. It certainly couldn't have been the encouragement and support he got from his own people, at least from 2005 on, including those in his own party. But I guess we're entitled to have higher expectations than just survival.  

By Blogger Steve M. Galbraith, at Mon Jan 19, 11:36:00 AM:

When I've mentioned this at a couple of lefty website/blogs, the response (once they acknowledged it was true) was that this was just a payoff to the pharmaceutical companies. He didn't really care about those black people; this was just a sop to Big Pharm.

Cognitive dissonance makes people do and say odd things.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 21, 03:04:00 AM:

It has been years since I thought about Bush's AIDs policy but I remember thinking that it was killing more people than it saved, because it diverted medical personnel away from treating water-borne diseases.  

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