Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How hard are you prepared to work? 

How should we prepare our children to compete with a productivity ethic like this?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Dec 16, 01:30:00 PM:

You have it wrong. You don't need to prepare your children, you just need to unionize the workers.  

By Blogger Fellow American, at Tue Dec 16, 01:36:00 PM:

While I applaud the work ethic displayed, I'm not sure I'd mix that up with productivity. This is 2008. Surely there is a better way to move the bricks!  

By Blogger Unknown, at Tue Dec 16, 04:29:00 PM:

I agree with the last commenter. I have a ton of admiration for that kid. However....

It does not look very productive. I would think a wheelbarrow or a donkey would be alot more efficient. It is indictative of a society where labor is cheap so no one worries about using people productively. If the job doesn't get done, just add more people.  

By Blogger CBDenver, at Sun Dec 21, 09:01:00 PM:

I agree with the previous posters. Productivity is based on being efficient -- using your head to carry bricks certainly is not. I'll teach my kids to use tools to actually make manual labor easier.  

By Blogger Trochilus, at Sun Dec 28, 11:06:00 AM:

Bit of a shame the Ed Sullivan Show isn't still on. This would have been a natural!  

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